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reatening letters ▓in his coat-pockets, under his pillow, an●d elsewhere. This is an old police ●trick.It was used to fright●en Alexander III., and it al

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most drove him in●sane.Naturally, it is only the poli●ce that can carry out such devices,

Advocate, Joseph

f●or others could not reach the Czar's room.But ▓Plehve retains his ascendency through the i▓llusion that his dismissal would mean ▓the way to the scaffold for the Czar's fami●ly. [Pg 89] Has the Czar really● a

nything to fear should the police relax i●ts vigilance Heaven forbid! The C●zar is a sort of deity to th●e people, and the educated classes know only t●oo well that no man is less responsible● for existing conditions than he, in w●hose name these conditions are inflicted● upon us.But the Czar is made to believe that e▓very attempt to free public opini

on fr▓om its fetters would lead to popular re●presentation, to a constituti▓on, and finally to the scaffold. And ●all that is done by Plehve B●y him alone.His predecessor, S▓ipyagin, was an honest, narrow reaction●ary, who regarded the state as▓ the private property of the dynasty, some▓thing like a great estate with property in souls● as well as in inanimate things●.The nation has no more right to comp●lain against the impositions of▓ the master than the cattle on the estate to

co▓mplain about the methods of f▓eeding.Plehve is of an entirely different ●caliber.A political cheat, an i▓ntriguer, an unscrupulous cynic, the playing on● the key-board of power tickles his ▓blunted nerves.He has as much conscience, s●ympathy, and humanity as my tiger here.H●is talent consists of cunning and t▓he art of dealing with men.There is● no one with whom he has exchanged three w▓ords that he has not lied to.His patriotic ove●rzeal, however, as a non-Russian—he na


turally ●overdoes his patriotism—commen▓ds him to the 'camarilla,' and so he ●becomes omnipotent. [Pg 90] You sa▓y that Plehve is not Russian ●He is partly Lettish, partly● Polish, partly Jewish.Men like this are alw●ays the worst he



re; they must s●ee that their non-Russian names are fo●rgotten. And what do you


mean● by 'camarilla' The servil▓e courtiers, the high officials, but ▓above a


ll, the entire system.Do not forget th▓at we are being ruled by a C▓amorra of bure

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aucrats, that have no inte●rest at all in the real welf●are of the country, but ha

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/ r before.There i●s pe

ve▓ their primary interest in the un▓curtailed maintenance of thei●r power.If the Czar wished to hear, to-day, the▓ truth about the condition and sentiments of▓ the country, he would never succ●eed, because they do not expose one another in▓ the C

/ s.He would g●ive his heart'

amorra; for there is only one god—the ▓career with all its chances of l▓egitimate and illegitimate gain. ▓Your highness, I must allow myself an in▓discreet question.It is said tha▓t you are a friend of the Czar●.You are surely not the only o▓n



e.You must have colleagues among the nobi▓lity, statesmen, and patriots who● cannot be prevented from being● heard by the Emperor.Are you not in ●a position to break through the iron▓ rin


g of the bureaucrats, and to tell the● Czar the truth about the men who po▓ssess his confidence I appreci●ate your question.But what could single▓ individuals do against the abuses of cen


turie▓s Something is being done in the ●direction[Pg 91] indicated by y●ou.The Czar receives, often enough, ▓honest and unreserved statements.Bu▓t a lasting effect from such occa▓siona

l impulses is out of the question.Moreov●er, one must know the spirit of

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